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Product Show

Name: Spektrum SPMLTG5000 - Spektrum Lap Timer Base Unit
Price: HK$ 400.00
Buy Item

RACE Time, Anytime

An easy-to-use and accurate lap timing system for flyers and drivers

Normally costing thousands of dollars, race timing systems tell the cold truth about your setup and your skills. The Spektrum™ Lap Timer System is a personal lap timing device that is easy to set up, easy to use and costs less than $80 to get started. Unlike other timing systems on the market, infrared technology offers highly accurate results and uses the Spektrum telemetry capability you already have in your transmitter to deliver information instantly and conveniently. Spektrum Gen II/III transmitter users can have the integrated voice alert system call out lap times automatically so you can keep your eyes on the aircraft or vehicle. The lightweight system is versatile enough to handle any number of racers at a time and can be expanded to optimize gate range and encompass a total of ten check points.

Spektrum Lap Timer System Benefits

  • Ideal for practice air and surface racing—not just FPV
  • Easy to power: Uses power from the RC system—no separate battery to charge
  • Easy to setup: configure everything through your Spektrum transmitter—no calibrations
  • Reliable: No Phone/Bluetooth problems inherent in VTX systems
  • Convenient: no waiting for results—lap times are sent and saved directly to your transmitter
  • Expandable: no pilot count limits and can include up to 10 gates

Spektrum F400 Flight controller Set UP

Laptimer Receiver - Sensor Only (LTT1000)

Typical Lap Timer Setup

Typical Lap Timer Setup


See it in action


Spektrum IR Lap Timing System for Drones, Planes, Cars and Trucks

Easy Setup

Whether you drive or fly, the Spektrum Lap Timer System is a low cost setup that lets you enjoy the same thrilling action very similar to what dedicated racers experience at regulation events. Ideal for personal use, use it in your own backyard to significantly hone your skills or just enjoy the thrill. You can also team up with friends or get the club together. The cold hard lap time telemetry the Spektrum Lap Timer System is extremely simple, yet tells you invaluable information that's crystal clear. Without the Spektrum Lap Timer system, knowing if your flight control tweaks, prop/motor changes or new battery make any difference is just a guessing game.


The Spektrum Lap Timing System consists of two simple components; the Lap Timing Base unit (SPMLTG5000) and the Lap Timing Receiver (SPMLTT2500) that work together with your Spektrum telemetry DSMX® or DSMR® receiver and telemetry capable transmitter like the DX9 or DX5R..

Lap Timer Base Unit


The Spektrum™ Lap Timer System is an extremely simple to use personal lap timing device that sends lap time information directly on your compatible Spektrum radio. Spektrum Gen II/III transmitter users have the added benefit of using the integrated voice alert system to call out lap times automatically so you never have to take your eyes away from the aircraft or vehicle. The Base Unit is a gate controller that weighs a mere 14.5 grams, is compact in size and easy to setup so that you can create a custom track in a backyard, local track, flying field, etc. Simply assign a gate as a Start and Finish or expand the system to include up to 9 more Base Units. This allows you to know what lap times are possible and what your speed is through a particular section or curve of the track. To take advantage of this valuable race practice tool, a Spektrum Lap Timer Receiver (SPMLTT2500) or IR Sensor (SPMLTT1000, for use with the SPMFCF400) as well as at least one Base Unit with IR LED Strip and a 3S LiPo (10–12.6V) is needed.

Lap Timer Receiver



The Spektrum™ Lap Timer System is an extremely simple to use personal lap timing device that displays lap time information directly on your compatible Spektrum radio. The Spektrum Lap Timer receiver is less than one-inch square, weighs just 4.2 grams and works with the Spektrum Lap Timer Base Unit/s (SPMLTG5000 , sold separately) to send lap time information directly to your compatible Spektrum radio. With the Spektrum Lap Timer System, racers can upgrade their telemetry-equipped model to assist with race practice, use it for local competitions, or just play head-to-head against friends. All it needs is a small space on your model and a 4.0–8.4V power source

Lap Timer System IR Sensor for F400


If your FPV racing quadcopter is equipped with the state-of-the-art Spektrum™ F400 Raceflight Flight Controller (SPMFCF400) and the Spektrum DSMX® Quad Race Receiver with Telemetry (SPM4649T), then all you need to enjoy the benefits the Spektrum Lap Timer System is this little sensor. Like the other connections on the F400 board, this sensor solders into place and operates off the internal power of the RC system. Each time your quad passes by the Lap Timer Base Unit (SPMLTG5000), timing telemetry is sent conveniently to your telemetry-equipped Spektrum transmitter.

Lap Timer System–Replacement LEDs (5)


Expand the LED gate/s or replace damaged IR LEDs along your racetrack with this handy string of IR LEDs. Increasing the IR field offers higher sensor accuracy and wider coverage. The SPMLTG5001 connects to the end of the IR LED strip included with the SPMLTG5000 Base Unit.

Quick-Start Guide to the Spektrum Lap Timer System


Spektrum IR Lap Timing System Overview for Drones, Planes, Cars and Trucks




When possible, always aim the race gate toward the outside of the track. Avoid pointing race gates at each other.

The IR sensor for the aircraft or vehicle connects to the X-Bus port of your X-Bus compatible telemetry receivers, or the RPM port if connecting directly to a 4649T. Note that the RPM port functionality wont be able to provide sub-section data (only start finish).. Attach the sensor to the side of the model so that it faces directly toward the Lap Gate.


Multiple base units can be connected when the race course design is more complex. Always, read and understand the product instruction manual for complete details.


  • You need to provide your own 3S LiPo battery (1300–2200mAh) for each Lap Gate Base Unit
  • Your RC vehicle or aircraft must be equipped with a Spektrum telemetry receiver with X-Bus technology, such as: 

    Compatible Receivers

    SPM4649T ( compatible through RPM and not X-Bus), SPM6742, SPMSR4000T, SPMSR6000T, SPMAR6600T, SPMAR6270T, SPMAR7350, SPMAR8010T, SPMAR9030T, SPMAR9140T, SPMAR9350, SPMAR9320T, SPM9548, SPMAR12310T, SPMAR20310T

  • Your Spektrum transmitter must be telemetry capable, such as: 

    Compatible Transmitters: SPM5000, SPMR6650, SPM6755, SPMR7000, SPMR8000, SPMR9900, SPM18000, SPM20000).

Recommended Accessories

  • Spektrum Team Spektrum FPV 8'x5' Race Gate SPMRG100
  • Premier RC& Designs 8' FPV Race Gate Marker Banner with 10' Pole: Horizon Logo PMR10601
  • Premier RC& Designs 6' FPV Slalom Race Gate Banner with Stakes: Horizon Logo PMR10531
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  • FPV 5'x5' FPV Race Gate Set with Bag (5): Horizon logo FPV10604
  • Dynamite® 11.1V 1400mAh 30C 3S LiPo, Long w/EC3: Minis DYN1477
  • Dynamite Servo Tape, Black, 3/4" DYN2266



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