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Product Show

Name: RC4WD Z-K0064 - Gelande II Kit w/ 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Hard Body Set
Price: HK$ 3380.00
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  Temporary out of stock

This is the new licensed  RC4WD Gelande II Kit w/ 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Hard Body Set. These have been Officially Licensed by Land Rover and are only available from RC4WD and our Dealers.


Experience the versatility and advanced design of the G2 for yourself. Packed full of capability, the G2 is ready for any challenging condition. Put your off-road driving to the test and see why the G2 can easily maneuver extreme descents and climb with ease.


The G2 is built with quality materials and craftsmanship like the R3 single speed transmission providing power down to the transfer case and out to the Yota II Axles.


The G2 comes with a 4 link rear and 3 link panhard bar suspension as a standard feature. The chassis mounted servo is out of view for a more scale appearance.


The G2 is completely versatile and can pull off many looks and styles. With the countless options available, RC4WD let's you customize your G2 exactly how you want without sacrificing performance. From emergency and expedition vehicles to daily drivers and hard core rock climbing rigs, the core of the G2 is built for the true off-road enthusiast!


Are you ready for your off-road experience?


Custom Designed for True to Scale Looks

Realistic Aluminum Ladder Frame Chassis

R3 Single Speed Transmission

Center Mounted Realistic 4x4 Transfer Case

Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axles

3 Link Front and 4 Link Rear Suspension

1.9" Stamped Steel Beadlocks W/Lug Nuts

Super Grip Dirt Grabber Tires

Chassis Mounted Steering servo

Plastic Fuel Cell Receiver Box

Dual Spring Oil Filled Shock Absorbers


Hammer Transfer Case

Ratio: 1.47:1

Gears: Wide 0.8 Mod Hardened Steel Gears

Features: 8 Bearings, Cast Casing, Hardened Gears


R3 Single Speed Transmission

Ratios: Pinion/Spur 14/64 = 4.57:1 Internal Ratio: 1.78:1

Gears: Wide Steel .8 Mod, Delrin Spur, Slipper Clutch


Cast Yota II Axles

Ratio: 15/40 = 2.67:1

Width at Hex: 178.2mm


G2 Suspension

Double Triangulated 4 Link Rear Suspension

3 Link Suspension with Panhard Bar


Shock Absorbers

Dual Spring 80mm Shocks: Can be Oil Filled



Type: 1.9'' 5 Lug Wagon Wheels

Hub: Pin Type

Width: 25mm

Back Spacing: 11mm



Machined Billet Aluminum, Lightweight


G2 Truck Dimensions

Wheelbase: 275mm (10.8")

Width: 213mm (8.3")

Height: 252mm (9.9")

Ground Clearance: 58mm (2.2")

Final Drive Ratio: 31.9:1 

Weight: 5.58Lbs / 2.533Kg




The R3 single speed transmission comes with a tough cast metal case and wider gears to allow for more abuse along with a Delrin spur with slipper clutch. Also features a sturdy billet aluminum motor mount for durability.


The G2 includes the Hammer Transfer Case. Packed with scale detail, the Hammer features a cast metal exterior and the same heavy duty 0.8 Mod widened gears for durability.


Drawing on the success of the RC4WD MOA gear sets, the G2 drivetrain has the most durable gears RC4WD has to offer so the G2 will stay on the trail, day after day.


The most scale accurate axles on the market, the RC4WD Cast Yota II axles feature innovative 8 degree round knuckles, unique removable diff covers, lower mounting points and a compact offset pumpkin in the front.


The Driveshafts for the G2 are a design featuring bulletproof steel universals and a high quality plastic shaft for great driveline angles and durability on the trail.




The G2 Chassis features a molded fuel cell that doubles as an electronics storage box plus an aluminum, frame-mounted under cab electronics tray for multiple electronics mounting options. Also includes a sturdy battery tray with strap mounts.


 The G2 includes a set of RC4WD Dual Spring Shocks. Designed for ultimate scale looks and ultimate performance. These dual spring shocks are machined from billet aluminum.


The G2 Chassis is a machined billet aluminum ladder frame with an all link suspension design, scale shock hoops, chassis servo mounts and hard body mounting points for the ultimate in strength.


The G2 includes a set of RC4WD Black Stamped Steel 1.9” internal beadlock wheels. Featuring a super tough black finish, aluminum internal lock- ing ring and popular 5 lug design with separate hub.


Every G2 needs a tough set of rock grabbing tires and the included RC4WD Dirt Grabbers deliver traction as well as the perfect scale looks in just the right size




The G2 features the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set. The custom 4 door Defender body has an awesome assortment of scale details including mirrors, door handles, vents and grilles to match the 1:1 vehicle.


It’s officially licensed with Land Rover with opening side and rear doors and hood, the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set is the most scale replica in the market.


The body features a full detailed interior, seats, opening center console, plastic and rubber mirrors and a detailed dashboard. It's all here to bring your scale experience to a level.


Comprised of over 100 parts, the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set features a full detailed interior. Fold-down rear seats, gear shifter, handbrake and detailed dash. It’s all here to bring your build to next level


The crisp lines and subtle details are all captured. Functional light parts are included as well as colored lenses for all signal lights. All lamps can be illuminated with an optional RC4WD LED light kit.


What's Included:
1x RC4WD Gelande II Kit w/ 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Hard Body Set


This is a kit that requires building time (appro. 2-3 hours) and electronics


Required to Complete:


Truck Kit

Hex Drivers (1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm)
Long Nose Pliers
Blue Thread Lock
Cross Wrench or Nut Driver (4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm)


Body Kit
Modeling / Craft Knife
Long Nose Pliers
Side Cutters
Instant Glue / Plastic Solvent / ShoeGoo / E6000 / 2-part Epoxy
Hex Drivers (1.5mm, 2mm)
Cross Phillips Screwdriver (Small)


Motor (35t 45t or 55t)
Outcry III Waterproof ESC (Z-E0113), or Outcry Extreme Speed Controller ESC w/ Program Card (Z-E0118)
Radio and Receiver (2 channel or more) (3 Channel Z-R0009, or 4 Channel Z-R0006)
Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo (Z-E0035), or Twister Ultimate High Performance Waterproof Servo (Z-E0063)
Battery (Consult your "ESC" manual) Z-E0090 or 2 cell Lipo battery
Charger (Consult your battery guide) Chargers


Replacements Parts:
Gelande 2 Front 3 Link & Panhard Mount (Black) (Z-S0794)
Gelande 2 Rear 4 Link Mount (Z-S0795)
Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front) (Z-A0080)
Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Rear) (Z-A0081)
RC4WD Plastic Punisher Shaft V2(95mm - 110mm / 3.74" - 4.33") 5mm Hole (Z-S2019)
M3 Medium Straight Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0399)
M3 Short Bent Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0402)
M3 Mini Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0398)
M3 Offset Short Plastic Rod End (20x) (Z-S0401)
14t 32p Hardened Steel Pinion Gear (Z-S0430)
Yota Front Steel Axle Shaft (Z-S0060)
Yota Steel Straight Axle Shaft (Rear) (Z-S0061)
Gelande 2 Chassis Set (Z-C0040)
Battery Plate for Gelande 2 (Z-S0792)
Servo Mounts for Gelande 2 Chassis (Z-S0791)
Fuel Cell Radio Box (Z-S0592)
Hammer Transfer Case (1.47/1) (Z-U0024)
BigDog 1/10 Tri Axle Widebody Scale Boat Trailer (Z-H0016)
Transfer Case and Lower 4 Link Mount for Gelande 2 Chassis (Z-U0027)
R3 Scale Single Speed Transmission (Z-U0028)
RC4WD 12mm Axle Wheel Hex Set (Z-S0238)
Front Shock Hoops for Gelande 2 Chassis (Z-S0798)
Rear Shock Hoops for Gelande 2 Chassis (Z-S0799)
Gelande 2 Front Replacement Bumper (Z-S0800)
Gelande 2 Rear Replacement Bumper (Z-S0801)
R3 Single Speed Transmission Mounts (Z-S0802)
Metal Drive Coupling for Gelande 2 (Z-S0803)
73mm (2.87") Aluminum Link for Gelande 2 (Z-S0805)
59mm (2.32") Aluminum Link for Gelande 2 (Z-S0807)
65.3mm (2.57") Aluminum Link for Gelande 2 (Z-S0817)
70mm (2.75") Aluminum Link for Gelande 2

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